Garden Water Features Edinburgh

Garden Water Features - Edinburgh

Water features and the addition thereof into the garden or patio setting within either the home or office environment can accomplish a number of functions, ranging from the soothing and calming perspective to that of an exhilarating complementary finish to a specific garden or landscape design. Ecoss Landscaping provides a number of solutions and services when it comes to the design and installation of water features in Edinburgh and the surrounding regions.

Water Features and Design

Ecoss Landscaping provides unique solutions when it comes to the provision of services relating to water features in Edinburgh, whether it be the installation of a pond, or a more classic water fountain in the garden our water feature designers and project managers will be able to advise and guide on the various components and factors requiring consideration in installing your own water feature.

Water features offer a wide variety of benefits, from the classic addition of the fountain or a raised water feature to that of the garden pond, which encourages the endemic fauna and flora to become part of your landscaping design and setting. Our project managers will provide an onsite consultation for any water feature requirements you may have, this allows for project specific analysis and thereby providing our project managers the opportunity to provide expert advice and suggestions as to the specific water features in mind.

Our garden design and landscaping teams can provide installations of various water features, such as:

  • Large or Small Ponds
  • Streams
  • Waterfalls
  • Raised ponds
  • Fountains

Ecoss Landscaping has successfully designed and installed thousands of water features in Edinburgh and surrounding areas, contact us via the online water features estimate for a free quote and to arrange an onsite consultation with one of our professional project managers.


Garden Water Features Edinburgh
Garden Water Features Edinburgh

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